Module 7 - Ship Your Product to Amazon

7.3 Send Shipping Labels to Your Supplier

The great thing about using a private label supplier is that you’re going to send the Shipping Label PDF to them, and they will prepare the boxes for collection by UPS. Just make sure you double check they’ve packaged them correctly and with the right filler material (if applicable).

Voila! Your shipment should be on its way in no time!

Jump back into your Seller Central account at any time to track how the shipments are going. But don’t worry, you’ve got 3 different emails coming your way from Amazon as they receive your product, scan it into inventory and then close the shipping queue ticket.

Pro Tip: Be sure you’ve set your product to a high price in Seller Central before sending in the inventory. If for some reason Amazon loses the shipment you will be compensated based on the products retail value. And for the future, it’s always a good thought to check your price before re­stocking as well. Maybe you had dropped your price to clear some old stock, so be sure to put it back up again before re-stocking.

Let's Discuss Some Additional Shipping Notes

Next up, we’ll discuss two shipping notes: Amazon’s Inventory Placement Service, and using a freight forwarder if you are shipping internationally.