Module 7 - Ship Your Product to Amazon

7.5 Amazon - You Sell It, We Ship It

Shipping may seem a bit complicated, after having gone through this module. But rest assured: getting your order from your supplier to Amazon is the only shipping you need to handle.

Once your inventory has arrived in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, you can sit back and let Amazon take care of shipping your product to the customer.

Amazon’s FBA motto is:

“You sell it, we ship it”

So yes, you still need to sell your product. We will get into that in the upcoming modules.

But once you have sent your product to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, Amazon will then pick, pack, ship and provide customer service for you on every product sale.

This way, you can be completely hands-off in the process. Instead of packing boxes after each order, and spending time waiting in line at the post office, you’ll be able to spend your time adding new product lines, hiring outsourcers, and scaling your business.

Get the outlined process from Amazon here, including a video further explaining what happens to stock.

That’s the power of FBA!

Time To Take Action!

This Module contained a lot of information on how to get your inventory to Amazon’s fulfilment centers. It’s time now to use that knowledge and take action! Next up are the action steps you should take to ship your products to  Amazon.