Module 7 - Ship Your Product to Amazon

7.6 Action Steps

Here are the action steps you should take in order to get your first inventory shipment into the arms of Amazon’s fulfillment centers:

  1. Watch Amazon’s FBA Packing, Prep, and Labeling Tutorials to ensure there are no delays in processing your shipments.
  2. Gather the following information for your shipping plan:
    1. The number of units and cases
    2. Who does the packing preparation?
    3. Will you use Amazon’s FBA label service?
    4. Who is your shipping partner
    5. What is the weight and size of your order?
    6. From which location are you shipping your products to Amazon?
  3. Create your shipping label in your Seller Central account, following the steps set out in this Module.
  4. Send the shipping labels to your supplier.
  5. Take note of Amazon’s Inventory Placement Service, and the benefit of using a freight forwarding company if your shipping internationally.
  6. Send your first shipment to Amazon.
  7. Track your first shipment as it makes it way to shelving in Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Congratulations, you’re halfway there!

You will now have some time up your sleeve while the supplier gets to packing and shipping your order. Take that time to prepare the Amazon listing. This is so that when your inventory arrives at Amazon’s fulfillment centers you’re ready to flick the switch and make your product live the minute the first unit has been checked in.

No wasting time here. Onwards!

Now Let’s Learn How to Create Your Optimized Product Listing!

Great job finishing up this seventh Module. This is the end of Part A (‘Choose Your Product’). Next up, we’ll give you an overview of what you can expect in Part B (‘Sell Your Product’) of ‘Zero To Liftoff’!