Module 8 - Create Your Optimized Product Listing

8.1 Product Title

Creating an awesome title is your first opportunity to make your product relevant to the Amazon search algorithm, while at the same time appealing to potential buyers. If you’re not attracting buyers with your title at first sight, then they will look over your awesome product, and you could lose them forever.

As you have discovered in this course, it’s essential to the success of your business that you get in front of those customers by using the keywords in your title that they are searching for.

Below, we will cover:

  1. How to Create An Optimized Product Title
  2. How to Add Your Product Title to Your Product Listing
  3. Action Steps

1. How to Create An Optimized Product Title

As a general rule, Amazon recommends using 50 characters maximum in a product title. However, for many categories, you will be able to use longer titles, often up to 200 characters. We recommend using all the characters you are allowed to as an opportunity to rank for as many relevant keywords as you can. Just make sure you don’t go over 200 characters.

Use EXACT keywords and phrases in your title.

Let’s say you sell iPhone 6 cases. Now when you create your product title, you should not limit it to “iPhone 6 case“. You will want to use the exact keywords and phrases that customers are searching for. This means if you’re trying to rank for both phrases “iPhone 6 case” and “iPhone 6 protective case” you will want to use both variations in your title. Your best bet is to include several of the top keyword phrases relative to your product that buyers are searching for. Having the main keyword anywhere in the title is good, but this is an opportunity to use any longtail keywords that buyers may be searching for.

This is an example of a bad title: “iPhone 6 case”

Here’s a better title: “#1 Rated iPhone 6 Case Matte Black Lightweight”

If you are allowed more than 50 characters in your title, you should try to rank for more long­tail keywords like this:

“THE #1 Rated Thin iPhone 6 Case in the World. Matte Black Finish. Best Slim Lightweight Case For iPhone 6 In Existence. Highly Protective Cases.”

Here you can see that we targeted all of the following phrases:

  • Thin
  • Black
  • Best
  • Slim
  • Protective
  • Lightweight
  • iPhone 6 case
  • Case for iPhone 6
  • “case” and “cases”


If the title ends up over your category’s title character limit it may be blocked by Amazon from ranking for some products now, so make sure you count!

Title Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts

Use capitals for the first letter of each word. No all caps words.
Use exact keyword phrases. No unnatural phrases. Write using proper grammar.
Sell your product with a compelling title. Don’t mention price or “Sale”.
Using as much of the 200 characters (or within your style guidelines). Don’t go over the characters limit, or Amazon might suspend your listing from search results.
Mention size/quantity only if it’s relevant. Forget size/quantity if it’s not a differentiator.
Use full stops or commas to separate text. Don’t waste space with dashes “-”.
Units of measurement should be spelt out, such as ounce, inch, and pound. Don’t abbreviate. Spell out everything.
Numbers should be written as numerals to save space. Avoid symbols including ampersands “&”. It’s 5 characters in code, not 1. EG: “&”
Mention if there are multiple colors. Don’t mention color if there is only 1.

Finally, here are a few more things to consider when constructing your awesome title:

  • The Parent Test: How would one of your parents search for a product (what keywords or phrases would they enter in the search box)?
  • All categories show best-selling product variations (such as color or size) and attributes in search results. The only exceptions are: Clothing, Accessories & Luggage, Sporting Goods, and Beauty.
  • Do not include seller information.
  • Do not include suggestive commentary such as “Best Seller”.

2. How to Add Your Product Title to Your Product Listing

Ok, so now you know how to create an awesome and fully optimized product title. But you still need to add it to your product listing page. How do you do that?

It’s pretty simple. To edit your Product Title follow these instructions:

1. Go the Inventory tab.

2. Then, on the far right, you will see ‘Edit’. Click on the ‘Edit’ button to open the seller backend ‘Edit Product Info’ screen.
3. You’ll automatically arrive on the ‘Offer’ tab. Click on the ‘Vital Info’ tab.
4. Add your title text to the ‘Product Name’ field.
5. When you’re finished click the “Save and Finish” button at the bottom. 

3. Action Steps

Here are the Action Steps you should take to optimize your product title:

  1. Determine your top keyword phrase(s) to target in your title.
  2. Try and use the phrase within the first 5 words of the title.
  3. Follow the Do’s and Don’ts to draft a few potential titles.
  4. Ensure to add some longtail keywords around the features buyers want.
  5. Test your title drafts against an older family member or friend. See which one resonates with them.
  6. Add the title to your product listing.

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