Module 8 - Create Your Optimized Product Listing

8.2 Bullet Points

It’s not enough that potential customers see your product title; now that they have clicked on your listing, you need to convince them that your product is the best choice, all while using on­page SEO in order to grow your rank. When crafting your bullet points, consider this your sales pitch!

In this section, you’re going to learn how to hook your buyers once they click on your title. When you use the bullet points effectively, you will start to convert your traffic more frequently. Having more sales means your product ranks higher, which leads to more sales. There’s a snowball effect when you get this right.

Below, we will cover:

  1. How to Create Optimized Bullet Points
  2. How to Add Your Bullet Points to Your Product Listing
  3. Action Steps

1. How to Create Optimized Bullet Points

So how do you write bullet points that stand out and get you more sales?

A. Start With The Keywords You Want to Target
B. Use ALL of The Bullet Points
C. Focus on Benefits Instead of Features
D. Use Capital Letters
E. Write in a Natural Way
F. Include a Multiple Items Discount Bonus Bullet Point

A. Start With The Keywords You Want to Target

Start by going over the keyword list you created earlier.

Yes, you will want to write bullet points that in a natural way describe the benefits of your product. Just don’t overdo it: as we will discuss, readability is super important.

B. Use ALL of The Bullet Points

This may seem obvious, but you need to take advantage of every opportunity. This information is front and center. Now that a potential buyer is viewing your product, this is where you can either make the sale or lose your potential customer. In most categories, there are 5 available slots, while some product categories might have more. Treat this like advertising space where you can appeal to the customer by telling them all the best features of your amazing product. And, this is where copywriting skills start to become extremely valuable.

C. Focus on Benefits Instead of Features

When you write your bullet points, include a few of the best benefits the customer will receive from buying your product. Think of it like this: let’s say you sell a Sony Bravia television. Which of the two qualifications do speaking you think would more appeal to a customer? Actually, which one appeals more to you?

  • 4K X­Reality PRO powered by 4K Processor X1
  • SUPER SHARP AND CLEAR IMAGE: 4K X­Reality PRO makes every color breathe, and almost makes you feel like you are on the pitch when watching a game of football!

The first one describes a feature, the second one a benefit.

Here are some other things to consider when writing your bullet points:

  • What differentiated features does your product have that are highly valued and set you apart from your competitors? Can you describe them as benefits?
  • What are the best times and places to use your product?
  • What problem(s) have you solved for the buyer?
  • What do the bullet points of other private label best selling products in both your and other categories look like? These products convert well for a reason, so learn from how they optimized their product listing. Review your market research for this information.

These are just a few ideas you can use to fill in your bullet points with compelling writing about your product benefits, to convince customers to take action. Since you are just getting started and most people don’t know your brand, it’s very important that you communicate these benefits using our proven strategies.

D. Use Capital Letters

Consider the first few words in each bullet point to be your headlines. Write the first few words of each bullet point in all caps. Amazon limits the ways in which you can customize your listings. Using caps is one of the best methods you have available to make important points stand out to the reader.

In the bullet points, your headlines help your customers view the benefits of your product when scanning, as many people may not read all of the text. If the key feature that a buyer is looking for is capitalized, this will encourage them to continue reading, and feel positive that your product will satisfy them.

Be sure to make that first word count. Get straight to it and drop the pronouns. Don’t use words like the, this, a, these etc. ‘THIS widget does this’ isn’t going to help. Don’t worry we’ve got some good examples coming.

E. Write in a Natural Way

Try to work in the exact keyword phrases you are targeting in a natural way. You should already have these in the title, but that’s not enough. Using our previous example, you should work in all possible variations of the “iphone 6 case.”(black, thin, slim, etc…).

When constructing your title, you were more focused on keyword stuffing. Now you need to be a smooth talker with natural, yet subtle placement of your keywords.

Pro Tip: Study copywriting, to create a higher converting title and bullet points. Copywriting is the art of written persuasion and there are many resources online that can help you reach new heights. The better copy you have, the higher your conversion rate is going to be. Don’t be afraid to put in the time studying copywriting, it will benefit every aspect ofyour business.

Looking for more inspiration? Then get started with these great resources!

F. Include a Multiple Items Discount Bonus Bullet Point

The fifth and final bullet is the perfect opportunity to encourage a multiple item purchase. Watch your sales increase dramatically when you offer a discount in this bullet:

‘BUY 3 SAVE 25%: Buy 3 iPhone 6 Cases and you Save 25% Immediately When You Purchase Today!’

People LOVE to feel like they’re getting a great deal. This can be an easy way to double or triple your sales, and therefore your profit per session with just a few well-placed words on the page.

You can create discount codes for bulk purchases in the Amazon Seller Central Promotions manager.

Here is an example of some great bullet points:

  • BEST IPHONE 6 CASE AVAILABLE – Our iPhone 6 cases are routinely voted #1 by users. Our focus on quality is 2nd to none.
  • EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT – We go above and beyond when it comes to material selection. We use state of the art lightweight materials to ensure you barely even notice the case is there.
  • 360° PROTECTION – Including 4­side protection, covered corners and a raised edge to protect the screen.
  • SLIM, THIN & SEXY – We make the thinnest case for the iPhone 6 on the market. You won’t find a case that is slimmer anywhere. Attractive matte black colored case.
  • BUY 3 SAVE 25% – We love our customers and want them to love us too. If you buy 3 or more of our iPhone 6 cases you can immediately save 25% at checkout (no coupon necessary). Buy for a friend or loved one and save together.

2. How to Add Your Bullet Points to Your Product Listing

Ok, so now you know how to create great optimized bullet points. But you still need to add it to your product listing page. How do you do that?

To edit your Bullet Points follow these instructions:

1. Go the Inventory tab.

To add your bullet points to your product listing, start by going to the Inventory tab. - From Zero To Liftoff Amazon FBA course
2. Then, on the far right, you will see Edit. Click on the Edit button to open the seller backend Edit Product Info screen.
In the 'Manage Inventory' tab, click on 'Edit' to add your bullet points. - From Zero To Liftoff Amazon FBA course
3. You’ll automatically arrive on the Offer tab. Click on the Description tab
Click on the 'Description' tab. - From Zero To Liftoff Amazon FBA course
4. Add your first bullet point text into the Key Product Features field. You’ll notice that there is only 1 row. This is for 1 bullet. But you can add 4 more rows by clicking on the Add More button
Click on 'Add More' to add more bullet points rows. - From Zero To Liftoff Amazon FBA course
5. Add your other four bullet points
Fill in your five bullet points here. - From Zero To Liftoff Amazon FBA course
6. When you’re finished click the Save and Finish button at the bottom

3. Action Steps

Here are the Action Steps you should take to optimize your bullet points:

  1. Review the 6 guidelines on how to write bullet points that stand out.
  2. Create your 5 bullet points, applying these guidelines. Don’t forget to add a bonus discount for multiple items
  3. Add the bullet points to your product listing.

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