Module 8 - Create Your Optimized Product Listing

8.4 Product Description

You can find the product description somewhere in the middle of your product listing page, below the Product Information and above the Reviews section. While the description is not the first thing that a potential buyer reads, this is an area where product viewers, who may be on ­the ­fence, can be converted into paying customers. At this point, your prospect is already intrigued, and investing the time to learn more about your product. Give them what they’re looking for; more quality content that assures them that they’re making the best choice by purchasing your product over the competition.

If you can give them more detailed information that they’re looking for in the description, and confirm that they are making the right choice with your product, you’re going to make the sale.

Below, we will cover:

  1. How to Create an Optimized Description
  2. How to Add Your Description to Your Product Listing
  3. Action Steps

1. How to Create an Optimized Description

It’s All in The Copy:
Two Articles on How to Write 
Great Copy for your Product Description

Your product description is yet another opportunity to take advantage of your new copywriting skills or someone’s ability to write a compelling story about your product. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, remember that you can always outsource this task to virtual assistants on websites such as Fiverr or Upwork.

In any case, it’s important that you understand your product description isn’t merely supposed to describe your product, it is also supposed to persuade and help you rank in A9. Rather than do our best to teach you this stuff, we’re giving you the best advice from two highly successful e-commerce platforms.

Read this great article from the guys at BigCommerce, The One Formula You Need to Write Product Descriptions. It gets you thinking about the basics like who, what, when, where, why and how. Having a nice simple structure to get your thoughts out on paper will greatly help to get your products vision across.

Another e­Commerce giant, Shopify, also has a great article which goes through the 9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell. The author gives some useful examples which will help you to get past any writer’s block or the generic “my product is the best” type phrase. It also gets into details of determining your ideal customer and their sense of humor.

Before you do anything, go through these two suggested copywriting pieces. They will teach you everything you need to know about writing copy that converts.

Then come back and get our Amazon specific advice below to optimize your copy.

Create Your Optimized Product Description

Now that you understand the importance of engaging copy, it’s time to create your optimized product description. If you follow these 6 guidelines, you can’t go wrong!

  1. Use the exact keyword phrase
  2. Use every long-tail keyword possible
  3. Use a minimum of 1,000 characters
  4. Explain benefits and address customer concerns
  5. Make the Sale

1. Use the Exact Keyword Phrase

You just learned about the importance of writing engaging copy. With that in mind, you will want to add as many exact keyword phrases in that copy as possible. While space may be limited for the product title and bullet points, this is not the case for your product description. So the product description is where you can use all those exact keyword phrases that your potential customers search for. Again, you want to target the exact keyword strings you want your product to rank for. Work these into the text in a natural way that a human will understand.

2. Use Every Long-Tail Keyword Possible

In addition to using exact keyword phrases, include all of the little long-tail keywords you can think of. You have a lot of space to use here, so take advantage of it. But remember to use them where they make sense.

3. Use a Minimum of 1,000 Characters

Although you have a maximum of 2,000 characters, make sure your description is at least 1,000 characters. You have the space to make the sale, so why not use it? Amazon wants to see complete product information, and you’re ultimately going to rank better and sell more if you use at least 1,000 characters here.

Many sellers also use basic HTML in their product description. Here is the most commonly used tags: bold (<b></b>), paragraph (<p></p>), italics (<i></i>) and line break <br></br>. We recommend using a free tool like online html editor to create your product description in html.

4. Explain Benefits and Address Customer Concerns

Reiterate the primary benefits of your product, which we already spoke about when we discussed the bullet points earlier in this Module. Address the prospect’s problem and present your differentiated product as the solution. Give clear product information including common uses, ingredients (if applicable), warranty information etc…

Take the negative reviews from your competitors you identified when doing your market research to create a better widget. Re-read them now and address the competitors’ issues and why your product isn’t the same. Even look at competitors’ Q&A’s on their listing and address these in your own copy.

Pro Tip: Address the most common objections in your description. Often the most frequently asked questions about your product are objections waiting to be answered. If you can clarify the top ten most common issues here, you’re going to make it a lot easier for buyers to feel comfortable making the purchase.

5. Make the Sale

If you decide to learn more about copywriting, and we highly recommend you do, you will learn to help guide the customer through to making the purchase. People like to be led, so tell them what to do next.

Suggested reading

If you would like to learn more about how to write great copy that converts into sales, check out these books:

2. How to Add Your Description to Your Product Listing

Now you know the importance of creating a great product description. But you still need to add it to your product listing page. How do you do that?

To edit your Product Description follow these instructions:

1. Go the Inventory tab.

To add your product description to your product listing, start by going to the Inventory tab.- From Zero To Liftoff Amazon FBA course
2. Then, on the far right, you will see Edit. Click on the Edit button to open the seller backend Edit Product Info screen.
In the 'Manage Inventory' tab, click on 'Edit' to add your product description. - From Zero To Liftoff Amazon FBA course
3. You’ll automatically arrive on the on the Offer tab. Click on the Description tab.
Click on the 'Description' tab. - From Zero To Liftoff Amazon FBA course
4. Add your description text to the Product Description text box.
In the 'Description' tab, fill in your product description. - From Zero To Liftoff Amazon FBA course
5. When you’re finished click the Save and Finish button at the bottom.

3. Action Steps

Here are the Action Steps you should take to optimize your product description:

  1. Read the two articles from BigCommerce and Shopify on how to write great copy for your product description.
  2. Review the 6 guidelines on how to optimize your product description.
  3. Write your product description, applying what you’ve learned. Review your market research and competitors; write a compelling story that describes how your differentiated product addresses the most common objections/concerns.
  4. Add the product description to your product listing.

Let's Optimize Your Seller Central's Backend!

Finally, we will show you everything you need to know to optimize your Seller Central backend. The backend information plays an important role in your keyword search optimization. Don’t ignore it just because customers don’t see it!