Module 8 - Create Your Optimized Product Listing

8.6 Action Steps

Module Recap

That’s it. The keys to the castle. The roadmap to success when it comes to optimizing your product listing. If you implement these key principles, you’re well on your way to having a successful product launch and Amazon business.

Before we move on to the next Module, let’s first recap what we just learned.

When optimizing your listing, you need to keep three perspectives in mind:

  • Appeal to the Amazon Algorithm for as many relevant keywords and phrases as possible.
  • Appeal to the customer with keywords and phrases that will convince customers to take action – copywriting.
  • Differentiate yourself from the existing competition.

How do you do this? By optimizing these parts of your product listing:

  • Product Title
  • Bullet points
  • Images
  • Product Description
  • Seller Central Backend

Action Steps

To make things easier for you, here are all the Action Steps we discussed in this module in one convenient place for you to ensure you’ve done everything:

Product Title

  1. Determine your top keyword phrase(s) to target in your title.
  2. Try and use the phrase within the first 5 words of the title.
  3. Follow the Do’s and Don’ts to draft a few potential titles.
  4. Ensure to add some longtail keywords around the features buyers want.
  5. Test your title drafts against an older family member or friend. See which one resonates with them.
  6. Add the title to your product listing.

Bullet points

  1. Review the 6 guidelines on how to write bullet points that stand out.
  2. Create your 5 bullet points, applying these guidelines. Don’t forget to add a bonus discount for multiple items
  3. Add the bullet points to your product listing.


  1. Review the 3 guidelines on how to optimize your images: use all of the images on your product listing, make sure they are at least 1000×1000 pixels, and that they are high quality
  2. Create high-resolution images (so they are zoom-able) that adhere to Amazon’s rules.
  3. Capture all of the angles and top features of the product. Use action shots to showcase it in use (if applicable).
  4. Fill any leftover spots with trust seals or infographics.
  5. Add the images to your product listing. Before you publish them, preview how the images look on your listing.

Product Description

  1. Read the two articles from BigCommerce and Shopify on how to write great copy for your product description.
  2. Review the 6 guidelines on how to optimize your product description.
  3. Write your product description, applying what you’ve learned. Review your market research and competitors; write a compelling story that describes how your differentiated product addresses the most common objections/concerns.
  4. Add the product description to your product listing.

Seller Central Backend

  1. Fill out the Search Terms section in your Seller Central backend. Try your best to fill up the search term fields with relevant longtail keywords.
  2. Go over each tab in your Seller Central backend and fill each field with as much relevant information as possible.

If you have done all these Action Steps, your product listing is almost ready to go live! All you need to do is add your price.

In Module 9 we will cover how to set your price, and the basic pricing strategies that will help you become a successful Amazon seller.

Now Let’s Learn How to Set The Price For Your Product!

Great job finishing up Module 8. Next up, we’ll show you everything you need to know in order to set the price for your product.