By now, you must have realized that you can’t simply slap a product on the Amazon marketplace and wait for the Bezos Fairy to bring you internet dollars. You have to take action, and that’s exactly what you have done. You have:

  • Launched your product
  • Got your first sales
  • Received your first organic reviews

Although you have come a long way, and you can be really proud of yourself, you are just at the beginning of building a sustainable and profitable FBA business. Keep on reading, because we have good news for you! We will show you how to be proactive and add a few new tools to your Amazon belt to gain a competitive edge and increase sales.

If you are new to paid traffic, we encourage you to carefully go through this Module and even read it multiple times if things don’t click when you read it the first time. And if you are a more seasoned seller, please also read this Module. The rules for Amazon paid traffic are different than Google paid traffic. And even if you are already using Amazon paid traffic, you may find some neat little tips in this Module that you can use to further increase your sales!

What are we going to discuss in this Module?

  • What are Amazon Sponsored Products?
  • Amazon Sponsored Products: Automatic vs. Manual Targeting
  • The 6 Golden Steps for Highly Converting Amazon Sponsored Products Campaigns
  • How to Set Up Your Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign in Seller Central
  • Action Steps

Let’s learn how to use Paid Advertising to your advantage!

Sponsored Products is Amazon’s paid traffic advertising tool, that you as a seller can leverage to increase your FBA sales. Next up, you will learn the basics of using Amazon’s paid traffic tool!