Module 11
Amazon Sponsored Products

11.2 Amazon Sponsored Products - Automatic vs. Manual Targeting

Setting up your advertising campaign in Seller Central should be relatively simple. Later on in this Module, we’ll show you how to do it.

But let’s talk strategy first. There are two types of Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns:

  1. Automatic Targeting
  2. Manual Targeting

1. Automatic Targeting Campaign

Here’s how Amazon explains Automatic Targeting Campaigns:

When you create an automatic targeting campaign, you basically give Amazon free rein to select all relevant customer search keywords for displaying your ad. All you do is set the default bid, the start date and end date. Amazon will however take your listing details and your backend keywords as the basis of relevancy when to display your ads.

2. Manual Targeting Campaign

A manual targeting campaign gives you much more control. Here’s how Amazon explains manual targeting campaigns:

With a Manual Targeting Campaign, you are in charge of the:

  • Keywords that you want to target.
  • Bid per keyword. Some highly converting keywords are more popular than others, and you will want to reflect that in your bid. Conversely, you don’t want to bid too high on keywords that don’t convert well.

Next Up, 6 Steps for Highly Converting Campaigns!

Amazon Sponsored Products is an extremely powerful advertising tool. Yet, the costs can still outweigh the sales if the keywords are not properly selected. That’s why we set out 6 golden steps for creating highly converting Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns, to make sure you will do things right. Ready?