Module 11
Amazon Sponsored Products

11.5 Action Steps

In this Module, you have learned how you can use Amazon Sponsored Products to gain a competitive edge and increase your Amazon sales.

Here are the Action Steps you should take:

  1. Understand what Amazon Sponsored Products is
  2. Understand the difference between automated and manual targeting
  3. When you set up your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns, apply the 6 Golden Steps:
    1. Make sure your listing is fully optimized.
    2. Know how much you can spend on advertising and still make a profit.
    3. Run an Automatic Targeting Campaign to find high converting keywords.
    4. After 2 weeks, stop the automatic targeting campaign and run a manual targeting campaign, adding the high converting keywords.
    5. Optimize your manual targeting campaign:
      • Take advantage of the different match types
      • Exclude keywords by adding them as negative keywords
      • Review the search reports
      • Customize your keyword bids
    6. Be patient. Give your campaign some time. It may take a while before you start getting some sales. If you don’t get many sales in your first weeks, that doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong with your campaign.

Now that you have launched your product and increased your sales through Amazon Sponsored Products, you have basically done everything you can on the Amazon website to get those sales. Right? What else is there to do?

Well…a lot! In the next Module, we will discuss a number of advanced branding strategies you can use outside of the Amazon website to really build brand equity with your (potential) customers. Buckle up, because we’ve got some cool tips for you!

Now Let’s Learn How to Further Build Your Brand!

Great job finishing up this eleventh Module. Next up, we’ll show you everything you need to know in order to further build your brand.