The time has come, your stock has been received into Amazon’s fulfillment centers and you can now see your listing LIVE. We can tell you, seeing that listing on and available for purchase is an exhilarating moment.
But…the excitement is short lived as now you anxiously await your first sale.

Rather than waiting for that to happen on its own, follow this launch strategy for your private label product, giving it the highest chance of success. And, to dominate the search rankings on the largest search engine in the world, you’ll need to join AMZ Tracker.

Remember, Amazon is in business to make money. On every first page of a keyword search results, it will feature the products that it determines are most likely to sell. So, a successful product launch needs to appeal to Amazon A9 search algorithm in two very important ways:

  1. Generate sales to improve your sales ranking and keyword search ranking.
  2. Acquire a minimum of 15 positive reviews to optimize your product listing and improve conversion rates, which is an important factor in the A9 search algorithm.

At AMZ Tracker, we quickly understood that it can be difficult to get first sales for new products, so we built Vipon, the world’s largest Amazon Deal Community, to connect you with over 300,000 people who love shopping for discounted products.

In this Module, we will teach you everything you need to know about how to successfully launch your first product.

What are we going to discuss in this Module?

  • Start Your Free 7 Day AMZ Tracker Trial
  • Add Your Product
  • Turn on Keyword Tracking and Negative Review Monitoring
  • Analyze Your Product Listing
  • AMZ Tracker Promotions Tool – Get Sales Fast
  • Promotions Tool Strategies
  • The Importance of Reviews
  • Rocket Reply, Amazon Feedback Automation Tool
  • Monitor Your Tracking Tools
  • Action Steps

Next, we'll see how AMZ Tracker can kickstart your product launch!

AMZ Tracker is a powerful software to skyrocket your Amazon sales. Before we get into how you can best use AMZ Tracker to launch and grow your FBA business, next up we’ll first explain the basics of AMZ Tracker!