Module 10
Kickstart Your Product Launch With AMZ Tracker

10.4 Analyze Your Product Listing

To see how you did with optimizing your listing, run it through the On Page Analyzer tool. We have added the best practice rules we’ve just taught you in Module 8 – Create Your Optimized Product Listing into the system so that it can analyze your Amazon product listing.

This video tutorial shows you how to use the On Page Analyzer Tool:

And this Video Tutorial shows you what the data in the On Page Analyzer means:
For more information on the On Page Analyzer Tool please check out this help center guide: How To Guide: On Page Analyzer Tool

If you realize that you have missed anything, go back and fix up the listing so that you have maximized your potential to rank for your targeted keywords. You want to be sure to give your product every chance to show on the first page of your keyword search results which in turn will result in more sales.

Now, Let's Check Out AMZ Tracker's Promotions Tool!

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