Module 10
Kickstart Your Product Launch With AMZ Tracker

10.5 AMZ Tracker Promotions Tool
Get Sales Fast

It can be difficult to enter a niche. If your competitors have hundreds or thousands of product reviews, it will be extremely time consuming and expensive to dominate your niche. But, luckily, you’ve been following this course and have properly vetted the competition for this important market.

Since it’s hard to get sales without product reviews (social proof), but you can’t get reviews without sales, this often puts new sellers in a difficult position. What can you do to get your first sales?

One way is to use our Promotions Tool – which is called Vipon – where you can give away your product for free or at discount. This way, you can play catch up and compete on a level playing field with your more established competitors.

So how does it work? In short, there are 3 Steps:

  1. Create Discount Voucher Codes in Your Seller Central Backend
  2. Create a Promotion in AMZ Tracker’s Promotions Tool (aka Vipon)
  3. Activate Your Promotion

1. Create Discount Voucher Codes in Your Seller Central Backend

When you create discount voucher codes in your Seller Central backend, there are a couple of important things that you need to keep in mind:

Important – Protect Your Inventory! We have created a thorough step-by-step guide for creating your Amazon promotion codes: Setting Up Your Promo Codes in Amazon. It’s extremely important that you follow them to the letter. Occasionally we hear from sellers who set up their codes wrong and lose their entire inventory and therefore their investment by not UN-TICKING a box.

Our recommendation for promo codes is to:

  • Use a percentage off codes
  • Create individual codes that are limited to “One Redemption Per Customer”
  • Make your codes unrestricted, but not public
  • Un-check the ‘Detail page display text’ box, so your code won’t publicly display

Here’s why!

Use a percentage amount off

Use a percentage amount off, this gives the buyer a percentage off the entire shopping cart. So if the shopper decides to buy 10 items, they will get that % off the ENTIRE 10, not just off 1 of the 10.

We do understand that creating a % off codes seems like the better option because then you can change your price and do not need to redo new codes, as the % will adjust to the new price. However, we still suggest to avoid this shortcut and commit to creating new codes whenever you need to. It’s simply not worth taking the risk to lose all of your stock.

Create individual codes that are limited to “One Redemption Per Customer”

With this option you will create individual codes and each promo code can only be used once by one buyer. It prevents abuse from people sharing coupons publicly on social media pages or coupon website. You will get a master code which is 8 characters, and you should protect this code, never sharing it.

It’s important to note that if you choose a % off code, even if it’s a one redemption per customer your inventory is not safe. As we explained above it will still allow the user a % off the entire cart once. But once is enough.

Make your codes unrestricted, but not public

The restriction relates to adding the code to your product with other items in the cart or not. Restricted means no other items are allowed, and unrestricted means you can have other items in there. Because your codes are being used by our Vipon members, it’s highly likely that yours isn’t the only item they will be purchasing. It’s been a huge pain point previously from our Vipon members having the restricted codes, and it has shown that some member will abandon your product and code if you choose this option.

Some sellers prefer to restrict their codes because they don’t want to risk any other discounts on other products. However, if you do as we suggest, %  off, then unrestricted is completely fine.

Un-check the ‘Detail page display text’ box, so your code won’t publicly display

By default, Amazon wants to publish your master code on your product listing for everyone to see. This is bad news as you want to only allow certain individuals to have and use a code, not the entire marketplace. Amazon’s thinking here is that you’ve created a public promotion, that you want to boost your sales by offering a discount and by making it appear on your listing they are helping you.

Obviously, we don’t want this to happen, so you need to un-check the ‘Detail page display text’ box. Not very clear is it? Trust us, missing that one box can lose you everything. It’s very sad to say, but there are people out there who troll Amazon looking for newbie sellers who don’t know what they are doing and make the master code live.

2. Create a Promotion in AMZ Tracker’s Promotions Tool

If you have created your voucher codes in line with our recommendations above, you are now ready for the next step: creating a promotion in AMZ Tracker’s Promotions Tool. To shoppers, the Promotions Tool is known as Vipon, AMZ Tracker’s deal community. With over three hundred thousand members, Vipon is the biggest Amazon discount deal site.

This video tutorial shows you how to create a promotion in the Promotions Tool:

For step-by-step instructions on how to start your first Amazon promotion with AMZ Tracker please see these articles:

3. Activate Your Promotion

Once you have set everything up correctly, you can click ‘Save’ to activate your promotion.

But before you do that, let’s talk strategy first.

What's the best Product Promotion strategy?

That is what we will discuss next. We suggest a two-part strategy. See you there!