Module 10
Kickstart Your Product Launch With AMZ Tracker

10.6 Promotions Tool Strategies

When promoting your product with AMZ Tracker, we suggest a two-part strategy that we will outline in detail. Our suggested strategies are:

  • Promotion 1: Get Your First Sales
  • Promotion 2: Boost Your BSR

Promotion 1: Get Your First Sales

If you have 15 codes to give, release 5 codes a day for 3 days. Spreading out the sales so there are a few each day, which is what we call a Drip-Release Campaign. Make sure you use Rocket Reply to follow up with your customers and encourage them to leave a review. Then once the reviews start coming in it’s time to turn on the advertising (covered in the next Module). In order to ensure your conversion is the best it can be so you don’t waste your $$, we don’t recommend starting a paid campaign until you have some social proof organic reviews.

Once you hit 15 positive organic reviews on your new private label product, turn on your Amazon Sponsored Products Ads. We will cover this in detail in Module 11 – Amazon Sponsored Products – Using Paid Traffic, which is up next.

Promotion 2: Boost Your BSR

Now that you have that magic number of organic reviews (15 or more) it’s time to put your launch campaign into overdrive with your second promotion. If you have 100 codes to use for promotions then we’d suggest doing 10 codes a day for 10 days. By the time you end the 10-day cycle it is likely that a higher number of organic sales will start to occur. This should be because your product has now started ranking higher in the search results and buyers are finding it for themselves.

If you’ve started to see some great results from your PPC campaign and/or just some organic sales already coming in, then you can consider raising your promotion price slightly for the next batch.

Pro Tip: If your top competitors are doing 20 units a day and have hundreds of reviews then 15 giveaways is not going to be enough to dramatically improve your rankings. For a more competitive niche, scale the Promotions Tool offers to your acceptable marketing budget level, releasing a few codes each day maintaining a drip-release strategy.

Caution: Make sure you follow the Amazon promotion code creation instructions extremely carefully to avoid any issues with your launch. And as mentioned previously, monitor your keyword rankings to observe the effects of your product promotions and make sure your Negative Reviews tracking is activated so you can take swift action where necessary.

Now Let's Learn Why Reviews Are So Important!

Having your first sales is paramount to the success of your business. Without sales your product won’t rank for the keywords you are targeting. And if your product doesn’t rank, you won’t get any sales. Next up, we’ll discuss how you can use the Promotions Tool to get your first sales!