Module 10
Kickstart Your Product Launch With AMZ Tracker

10.8 Rocket Reply
Amazon Feedback Automation Tool

Ok, so you have ensured your product listing page is fully optimized. If a potential customer visits your page you have done everything you could to convert his interest into a sale. But that is not enough: to maintain and even increase your sales, you need reviews.

Later on in this Module, we will explain how you can get your first sales fast by running a promotion in AMZ Tracker’s Promotions Tool. But since you are setting everything up now for your launch, we recommend you first set up a Rocket Reply account.

Rocket Reply is a Feedback Automation Email system. It is made by the team behind AMZ Tracker.

Here’s why this tool is important for the success of your FBA business.

The reality of doing business on Amazon is that only a very small percentage of your organic happy purchasers will offer up a review without any reminders. This means you most likely have a large untapped pool of happy customers who may be willing to leave a positive 4 or 5-star review.

The best way to deal with this for organic sales is to use automated email software to automatically follow up with your customers after they have purchased. Ask them how they are liking their new product, and let them know that if they are happy, it would mean a lot to you if they could leave a review. Give them the option to respond to you directly with negative feedback, that way, instead of leaving a one-star review, the unhappy customers will reach out directly, and the happy customer will leave 5-star reviews.

Your follow-up email templates:

  • Email 1: Thank them for their order – Introduce yourself and/or your company – Tell them their order has shipped – Offer instructions
  • Email 2: Ask if they have received their product – Tell them what to do if they have not – Offer tips and instructions – Ask for Seller feedback
  • Email 3: Give them some great content related to your product or niche, and ask for a product review.

It may seem daunting to probe people for reviews, but if you take the time to ensure you’ve created a good product, and put the appropriate follow-up systems into place, you’re going to build a solid foundation of reviews that more than pay for itself over time.

When you set this up, you will maximize the chance of each customer leaving a review on your product. But how are you going to get those first sales? Most people will only buy a product if it has already been used and reviewed positively by others! Well, we’re glad you asked. This is where AMZ Tracker’s Promotions Tool comes into the picture. Next, we’ll get to enticing your first sales  in quicker and fast with a Promotions Tool offer.

Now Let's Monitor Your Tracking Tools!

Earlier in this Module, you turned on AMZ Tracker’s Keyword Rank tool, and the Negative Review Monitoring tool. Now that you have run one or more promotion, things get interesting. You are getting sales, and your first reviews. Now things get exciting! Monitor these tools to see if your keyword rankings improve, and to quickly respond to any negative reviews.