Module 10
Kickstart Your Product Launch With AMZ Tracker

10.9 Monitor Your Tracking Tools

Earlier in this Module, you have added keywords to your product in AMZ Tracker, to track how you rank for these keywords. Once you start running a promotion, get your first sales and organic reviews, monitor how this affects your keyword rankings.

Also, monitor negative reviews (3 stars or lower). See how your product ranks for specific keywords. Quickly respond to any 3 star or less Negative Reviews. The vast majority of Amazon customers will leave a positive review. However, there’s no 5-star review guarantee. Should you get a negative review, make sure you quickly respond to any negative feedback from your products. If you address the problem in short order, Amazon customers are usually pretty good about removing unfavorable comments.

Time To Take Action!

This Module contained a lot of information on how to launch your product on Amazon. It’s time now to use that knowledge and take action! Next up are the action steps you should take to successfully launch your product.