Module 12 - Build Your Brand

12.1 Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry is a program created by Amazon. The purpose is to make it easier for sellers with their own brands, to manage those brands and list their products on the Amazon website.

Benefits as indicated by Amazon are:

  • Increased authority over listing content for branded products
  • No requirements for UPCs and EANs

However, there is another reason why Amazon Brand Registry is something worth trying to attain. Due to the possibility of leaks in the supply chain, resellers obtain authentic products and sell them online below the products actual market value. So for several years now, brands have been using Brand Registry to empower Amazon to help them find and punish unauthorized resellers.

When infringement occurs on Amazon, a trademark owner who has registered his/her brand with Amazon may fill out a form provided by Amazon to prevent further use of the brand and collect money damages for wrongful use. Sellers may use this contact us form to report issues.

So how do you get an Amazon Brand Registry?

According to Amazon, the following sellers may apply to enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry and register as the brand owner:

  • Manufacturers or brand owners
  • Distributors, resellers and other individuals or companies who have the written authorization from the manufacturer or brand owner to manage a brand’s content on Amazon

To complete an application, brands will need to provide the following items:

  • An image of your product packaging with branding visible on the packaging
  • A product image with your branding visible on the product itself
  • Link to an active website that displays your brand or products

The following categories are currently not eligible for the Amazon Brand Registry:

  • Books, Music, Videos, and DVDs (BMVD).
  • Products in the Entertainment Collectibles and Sports Collectibles categories.

But that shouldn’t worry you: if you are following our recommendations in this course, you aren’t selling a product in any of these categories.

Next, Build a Website!

Another way to build your brand is by creating a website. It is not only a requirement for getting Amazon Brand Registry, but it’s also a great way to build authority and an email list.