Module 12 – Build Your Brand

12.3 Word of Mouth Marketing

If you want to up your game, when you build out your website, make sure to start to think about your branding consistency. Give your customers what they’ve grown to expect from your brand, and don’t let them down.

In order to benefit from the trust, credibility and brand equity that comes with building a great brand, you need to be consistent across all channels and be very mindful of the powers of word-of-mouth advertising. Word-of-mouth occurs everywhere people get together: at the local pub, at home with the family, in the sports club and increasingly online and on social media.

When you designed your logo, brand colours, and tagline, we asked you to consider word-of-mouth principles. Now we want you to maintain that mindset whenever you create content for your website. What makes content and brands shareable? As we mentioned before, recent scientific research suggests that word-of-mouth marketing is not random and there are very good reasons why things are shared.

Check out Jonah Berger’s book Contagious: Why Things Catch On, in which he goes over the STEPPS – which we already touched upon in Module 4 – Create Your Brand – and we feel it can provide you with a valuable way of thinking about how content and products go viral.

Time To Take Action!

This Module contained a lot of information and strategies you can use outside of the Amazon website to really build brand equity with your customers. It’s time now to use that knowledge and take action! Next up are the action steps you should take to further build your brand.