Module 12 – Build Your Brand

12.4 Action Steps

In this Module, you have learned a number of Advanced Branding Strategies you can use outside of the Amazon website to really build brand equity with your (potential) customers.

Here are the Action Steps you should take for building your brand equity:

  1. Apply for Amazon Brand Registry if your brand meets the criteria
  2. Build a basic but well-designed website ensuring to have some form of Lead Capture, a blog, a FAQ, and an About Us page. How-To guides are great as well if you have them
  3. Check out the video from Berger about word of mouth marketing and start working on yours now

We are still in Part B – Sell Your Product of the course.

So far we have covered:

We have one more Module left, which covers using AMZ Tracker to maintaining and growing your business. This is the final step in optimizing your business to skyrocket your sales!

Now Let’s Learn How to Grow Your FBA Business With AMZ Tracker!

Great job finishing up this Twelfth Module. Next up, we’ll show you everything you need to know in order to grow your FBA business with AMZ Tracker.