Module 13
Grow Your FBA Business With AMZ Tracker

13.1 What Is AMZ Tracker?

Skyrocketing your Amazon sales is easy with AMZ Tracker, our incredibly powerful Amazon Seller Software. It comes with a bunch of tools, such as:

  • Simple keyword rank tracking
  • Spy on competitors sales
  • Tools to improve rankings
  • The Promotions Tool, which helps you to quickly get your first sales and boost your BSR ranking

Plus a LOT more!

To get an introduction of how AMZ Tracker can help you boost your sales, check out our cool Quick Start Guide.

We will get into more detail on each AMZ Tracker Tool below. We will first talk you through some advanced uses for each tool, how to read the data, and what to interpret from it. After each tool has been covered, we’ll follow on with some advanced strategies combining data from multiple sections in order to skyrocket your sales.

Let's Start With The Rankings Tool!

The AMZ Tracker Rankings Tool allows you to easily follow your product keyword rankings over time. It allows you to track how your product is ranking for specific keywords, and which keywords to target. Ready to learn more?