Module 13
Grow Your FBA Business With AMZ Tracker

13.4 AMZ Tracker - Negative Reviews Tool

Getting notified of negative reviews immediately, so you can take corrective action is so important, which is why we set it up immediately upon adding your product to AMZ Tracker.

If you haven’t turned it on already, this video tutorial shows you how to turn on negative review monitoring:

You should be monitoring this tab daily, checking for any new reviews which need your attention.

But once you’re all over this, you might be wondering what else can it be used for?

Actually, there are a few other uses of the Negative Reviews Tool. Just like rankings and sales, we believe you should also be tracking your competitors’ negative reviews. You referred to them during Module 10 – Kickstart Your Product Launch With AMZ Tracker, to help with addressing buyer concerns and showing where your product is superior. This analysis shouldn’t stop at the product launch phase.

You should start tracking negative reviews on all competitors and as they appear, read them, learn from them, and use the buyer language to enhance and improve your listing, if possible. This could be in your copy or just in your backend keyword targeting. Delete them once you’ve read them to keep the tab clear for monitoring your own reviews.

In addition to improving your listing, you will need to keep on top of the buyer’s wants, needs and desires. This will be useful in the future for market research on new products/niches, or possibly enhancing your product features on the next batch. Using negative review feedback can help to build a better widget and then outsell the competition with a superior product.

Action Steps

Here are the Action Steps you should take using the Negative Reviews Tool:

  1. Track and monitor negative reviews on your own product listing and take immediate action if you have received a negative review
  2. Track and monitor negative reviews on your competitors’ product listings. Use this information to optimize your own copy

Now Let's Check Out The On Page Analyzer Tool!

You have already used the On Page Analyzer tool earlier in this course to double-check if your product listing is fully optimized. But it doesn’t hurt to repeat this whenever you make a change to your listing. Also, make sure you run your competitors’ product listings through this tool!