Module 13
Grow Your FBA Business With AMZ Tracker

13.5 AMZ Tracker - On Page Analyzer Tool

You’ve already run the On Page Analyzer Tool on your original listing when you went through Module 10 – Kickstart Your Product Launch With AMZ Tracker. But this doesn’t mean you don’t need to do it again.

As you edit your listing to add new keywords, update your bullets copy and/or change any images, you should go back and refresh the tool to ensure your listing is still optimized. Do this by clicking on the refresh icon (2 arrows in a circle). Analyze your on page optimization with one click, and see where you need to improve. Make the changes, and your sales will increase.

As a reminder, watch this video tutorial that shows you how to use the On Page Analyzer:

And if you’re curious about what all this data in the On Page Analyzer means, check out this video:
Don’t be afraid to analyze your competition either. See what they do well or don’t do well. Can you learn anything to help improve your listing? Often you can identify gaps in their listing which is an opportunity for your to steal more spots on the rankings ladder.

While you’re there, read their copy (again if you’ve read it previously). Try and identify any keyword phrases they might be targeting which you aren’t. If you find anything of interest, add it to the Rankings Tool and see what the data returns. Remember there are many places in the seller backend that have a large character count for you to make use of and sell your product. Don’t waste any opportunity to rank for more relevant keywords.

Action Steps

Here are the Action Steps you should take using the On Page Analyzer Tool:

  1. Reanalyze your own product listing by clicking refresh
  2. Analyze your competitors’ product listings to see if you can learn anything to improve your listing

Ready To Learn About The Keyword Research Tool?

The Keyword Research Tool is yet another cool tool that comes with AMZ Tracker. It takes a keyword, puts it into the Amazon search box, then returns all of the results which come up from Amazon’s Autocomplete service. And not the top 5 keyword phrases you see when you complete the same search manually on Amazon, but a lot more. Excited? See you on the next page!