Module 13
Grow Your FBA Business With AMZ Tracker

13.6 AMZ Tracker - Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword Research Tool takes your keyword (referred to as the seed keyword), puts it into the Amazon search box, and then returns all of the results which come up from Amazon’s Autocomplete service. Key phrases (those top 5 you see when you complete the same search manually in Amazon) are shown first, then the remaining are listed in alphabetical order.

This video tutorial shows you how to use the Keyword Research Tool:

After the competitive analysis you’ve done previously, reading the other listings, as well as the customer reviews you might find that you now have some new phrases in which your product is also known by, synonyms used to describe the niche/product.

For example, shower gel can also be known as shower cream, bath gel, or body wash. Each variation of these keywords should be run through the Keyword Research Tool to find any other appropriate Longtail Keywords.

The Keyword Research Tool only returns Amazon results, so you know these are valid buying terms used by shoppers. However, if you are using any other keyword research tool be sure to look for buying phrases such as scented shower gel, or moisturizing shower milk. Single word keywords might have a lot of volume but they are way more competitive, so you can’t only count on those.

As you have limits around the keywords you can track based on your AMZ Tracker plan, you need to use them wisely. Never track single descriptor keywords such as good, best, or great. On their own, these are not buying phrases and will never provide any value. However, combine it with a few other words and it could be a worthy keyword phrase. Read more about buying phrases and how to use them in your copy.

Action Steps

Here are the Action Steps you should take using the Keyword Research Tool:

  1. Review the data from the competitive analysis you’ve done previously, reading the other listings, as well as the customer reviews to find new keyword phrases Amazon customers may use to find your product
  2. Add these keywords in the Keyword Research Tool to find keyword variations that you may want to target

Let's Check Out The Super URL Tool!

A Super URL is a URL that let’s Amazon’s algorithm believe a customer found your product by searching for specific keywords, whereas actually he was directed to your product listing from outside the Amazon website. Next up, we’ll explain in more detail what a Super URL is, how to create one and how to use it wisely. Ready?