Module 13
Grow Your FBA Business With AMZ Tracker

13.7 AMZ Tracker - Super URL Tool

Few things increase Amazon rankings as quickly as sales of your product, especially when those sales come from someone searching for your keyword first. Now we’re going to tell you about an incredibly powerful tool to fully amplify your results, sending your ranking boosts into overdrive.

If you’re not using this trick you’re missing out on some serious rank boosting tactics. If you’re serious about beating your competition and riding the wave to the top, you can’t afford to ignore the Super URL Tool.

There is much debate about whether the Super URL still works or is redundant. We believe that if it’s used correctly it is still beneficial to improve target keyword rankings.

So let’s get into it, below we will cover:

  1. What Is a Super URL?
  2. The Super URL Tool: How To Create a Super URL
  3. How To Use a Super URL
  4. Mistakes To Avoid

1. What Is a Super URL?

Let’s break down how an Amazon URL works. For example, let’s say that you went to Amazon and searched for “iPhone 6 case” and then clicked on the 9th result on the page. The URL in your browser bar would look much like this:


Now there is all kinds of complicated stuff here that we won’t bore you with, but specifically pay attention to the very end of the URL and you’ll see this: “keywords=iphone+6+case”.

This is information that Amazon uses to know how someone got to the product page. With this URL, Amazon knows that a visitor went and searched “iPhone 6 case”, and that they clicked this result to get there.

If more and more people start purchasing the product after searching for “iPhone 6 case” then Amazon will automatically start improving this product’s rankings for those keywords.

Now if only there was a tool that could tell Amazon each time you sent a visitor to your page that they had searched a keyword first…

2. How To Create a Super URL

Wait… we have one of those tools!

AMZ Tracker comes with a Super URL Tool that does exactly that: A Super URL is a link which tells Amazon that the person who clicked it had searched the keyword or keywords of your choice.

This video tutorial shows you how to create a Super URL in AMZ Tracker:

3. How To Use a Super URL

By using a custom AMZ Tracker Super URL to direct traffic to your Amazon listing, you can make it appear to Amazon as if these customers searched for a specific term before arriving at your page (you’ll see it in the search box when you use the Super URL).

This is teaching Amazon which keywords to rank you for. Each time someone buys from your direct link, it is confirmation to Amazon’s algorithm that they should rank you for the respective search term.

Here are our Super URL guidelines:

  • Select 2-3 Keywords You Want to Rotate Through
  • Use the Super URL For Direct Traffic

Select 2-3 Keywords You Want to Rotate Through

You choose which keywords you want to teach Amazon to rank you for, and we’ll automatically cycle through the keywords with your Super URL. You can give some keywords a higher weight than others, and we’ll make sure they show more than the lower valued ones.

That means, you can give just one URL to an entire group of people, and we’ll distribute the traffic across all your selected keywords, ensuring that you’re building your ranking for each keyword that you want to improve.

This video tutorial shows you how to add weight to a Super URL:

Here you can try an example of our Super URL Tool in this link below (click it multiple times to see how it optimizes multiple keywords)


Pro Tip: We do recommend that you keep the selected keywords to 2-3. Too many keywords dilute the effectiveness of the keyword targeting.

Use the Super URL For Direct Traffic

If you’re funneling direct traffic to your Amazon listing (and you should be!), the Super URL tool is for you. What we mean by direct traffic is someone going straight to your listing page, and they are not coming via the Amazon search function or from a Google search. You are turning what would otherwise be a simple direct sale, into a rank boosting, keyword supercharging sale. Do this enough, and you’ll be ranking in the top of your category before you know it.

Use this Super URL tool anytime you send traffic to your Amazon listing. This can be via PPC, Facebook ads, blog pages, email blasts, and YouTube videos.

Having your customers purchase using this Super URL tool will provide HIGH converting sales percentages for your targeted keywords. This is how you can quickly improve your rankings within days.

Pro Tip: You are not limited to creating just one URL, but you can create many with different slugs. Within AMZ Tracker we track the clicks of each link and also see how each keyword is tracking in the rankings. So by setting up multiple links to use on different campaigns, you can use this tool for tracking purposes and analysis for ROI spent.

4. Mistakes to Avoid

By far the biggest mistake we see with sellers using a Super URL is that they stuff it with dozens of keywords. The Super URL works best when it has 2-3 keywords attached to it, and if you’d prefer you can weigh a certain keyword higher than another as we explained earlier.

The next mistake is sending non-buying traffic through the Super URL, which can have a reverse effect on your rankings. If traffic lands on your listing with “x” keyword in the search bar, but then they don’t buy, this is also a sign for Amazon that the buyer didn’t find what they wanted with your listing. So remember to only use these links in places where you know shoppers will be clicking through to buy.

The final mistake is expecting results from the link with only a small amount of sales. Two or three sales via a Super URL isn’t going to miraculously see you ranking in the top position for your keyword. Rankings are and always will be linked to sales velocity for the niche. In order to make sure your Super URL sales work, allow enough sales volume to pass through it to impact the rankings.

Action Steps

Here are the Action Steps you should take using the Super URL Tool:

  1. Understand that the Super URL still works, but you need to use it wisely
  2. Select 2-3 keywords you want to rotate through. Add weight to keywords when targeting multiple keywords that are not of equal importance
  3. Use the Super URL for direct traffic
  4. Mistakes to avoid:
    • Don’t stuff a Super URL with dozens of keywords
    • Don’t send non-buying traffic through the Super URL
    • Don’t expect results from the link with only a small amount of sales

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