Module 13
Grow Your FBA Business With AMZ Tracker

13.9 Skyrocket Your Sales With These Strategies!

Now that you’ve got a good overview of the AMZ Tracker tools, and have some advanced training in how to use them and interpret the data, the last thing we’ll discuss is how to combine everything into a sales strategy.

There are two sales strategies we recommend you use:

  • Advanced Drip Release Campaign
  • Target Keywords using Amazon Sponsored Products and a Supercharged Super URL

1. Advanced Drip Release Campaign

When you first launched your product on Amazon, you ran a promotion using the Promotions Tool to get the magical number of reviews to show social proof to your buyer. In Module 10 – Kickstart Your Product Launch With AMZ Tracker we recommended using a drip release campaign. That initial burst of sales was great for kicking off your Amazon BSR, but if the velocity slows down Amazon will notice.

Maintaining a higher ranking is directly related to sales velocity, so until you are doing this organically, we suggest running another drip release campaign, which we will refer to as an advanced release campaign below to differentiate it from the launch promotion.

An advanced drip release campaign is designed to stagger promotions over a longer period of time (potentially continuously), bridging the gap in necessary sales volume between you and the number one position in the rankings. In order to do it correctly, multiple AMZ Tracker tools come into play.

Here’s what you need to know in order to set it up:

  • Your organic daily sales
  • Your competitions’ daily sales estimate
  • Daily sale estimates of position 1 in the rankings for your top keyword
  • Average price of a promotion by your competitors

If we use an example of the top competitor doing 25 sales a day, whereas you’re only doing 10, then the gap to bridge here is 15 sales. In order to rival them for the top ranking spot, you would run a promotion to help increase your sales velocity by 10-15 extra sales per day. By releasing 10-15 codes per day for a period of 1 week, you should see your product increasing in the rankings, potentially taking over that top spot. You will need to adjust these figures as necessary for your product, its position, and your promotion budget.

Because you will be looking to release codes daily you will need a good number of applicants for your promotion within your AMZ Tracker account. Before starting any campaign we suggest that you take a look at the competing ART offers (ART and AMZ Tracker’s Promotions Tool are the same). If you’re offering your product for $5 to the ART shoppers, but your competition has theirs listed at $1.99, then the chances that a shopper selects your product are reduced. So don’t price yourself out of the game here.

Now, that you know the number of sales needed to bridge the gap on the competition and the price you need to run your promotion at, head over to your Seller Central and create the necessary voucher codes. Ensure to create enough to last a while (100-200 codes valid for 30 days), as it can be a pain to create new ones with the 4-hour activation delay by Amazon.

Start the campaign, collect as many applicants as possible and come back daily to select your 15 shoppers for codes. Each day check your rankings to watch for movements. Additionally, watch your organic sales as well in your Seller Central account. As the organic sales increase you can taper off the promotional codes you release.

However, it’s important to maintain sales velocity!

You need to ensure that you maintain a consistent sales velocity, meaning if your organic sales normally dip on Monday and Tuesday, then release extra codes on or just before those days to make up for it. And of course on the opposite end, if over the weekend your sales increase then you can drop back the number of codes you issue.

Then you’ll be watching your Rankings tab closely to see the results of your campaign. By now we hope you can see how each tool is linked to the others and is not just to be analyzed as a stand-alone figure.

2. Target Keywords using Amazon Sponsored Products And a Supercharged Super URL

As you go through this module you will be taking notice of your keyword rankings. Often you will have a bunch of keywords which are on the cusp of being ranked on page one, or are on a nice upward trend, but they are still in the 100’s.

Take a look at your Rankings tool now. What keywords are around the 20-45 ranking range? Or is there a high search volume keyword close to the 100 mark?

These are your next target!

By focusing on these keywords you can help bump them onto the first page.

If you’re running Amazon Sponsored Ads, we would suggest that you target these specific keywords, increasing the bid value to see if you can influence sales for that ad. In return, these sales will also boost your product rankings.

Secondly, if you’re running outside campaigns, maybe an email blast, utilize the Super URL to further target this keyword. Update the focus keywords to these one or two phrases you’d like to improve and then drive some traffic through it. Analyze the results in AMZ Tracker to see if the supercharged URL has proven to be a positive impact on the keyword ranking in the SERPs.  Switch up these keywords as necessary. You won’t need to continually target the keyword once organic sales start rolling in. Those will help to keep its rankings steady.

With these two strategies you can maintain a steady sales velocity which Amazon loves and it will reward you with a lower (= better) BSR. This will also improve your keyword ranking which gets YOU more exposure in the SERPs, leading to more organic sales.

Action Steps

Here are the sales strategy Action Steps we just covered:

  1. Run an advanced drip release campaign in the Promotions Tool to increase sales velocity and maintain the high ranking you achieved after your product launch
  2. PPC campaign and Super URL: first target keywords you rank for in the 20-45 range. When you notice an increase in the ranking, consider updating the keywords you are targeting

Let's Recap The Action Steps!

This Module contained a lot of action steps. In the last section of this module, you will find an overview of all the action steps set out in this module in order to grow your business with AMZ Tracker.