Now that you’ve chosen your private label product, picked your supplier and created your brand, you’re going to need to figure out your labels and packaging.

Because there is such an abundance of products you could have chosen to private label, we can’t cover them all. Labels might not apply to your product because it’s the packaging that’s important and/or vice versa. You might create your labels at the same time as your packaging, or maybe one gets done before the other. Again, this all comes back to they type of product you’ve chosen.

Therefore we’ll give you some guiding principles to follow as you assess your needs but you might need to do some investigation for yourself.

What are we going to discuss in this Module?

  • What Are Labels?
  • How to Create Your Labels
  • How to Create Your Packaging
  • Place Your Order
  • Action Steps

It's time to learn about designing labels and packaging to set yourself apart!

There are different types of labels. Next up, we will first define what we mean by labels, and give you different examples of the types of labels you may need when sending your first inventory to Amazon.