Module 6 - Set Up Your Seller Central Account

6.1 Amazon Selling Plans:
Individual vs Professional

Time to pick which Amazon Seller Account plan is for you. There are 2 different plans for you to select from. Check out the different pricing break down and the video explaining the differences in plan.

Individual Selling Plan:

No monthly fee but a $0.99 fee per sale. Check out this Video for more info.

Professional Selling Plan:­

$39.99/month. Check out this Video for more info.

Make sure you watched the videos above to ensure you have all of the necessary information available before starting the seller account setup process.

Pro Tip: Not sure which plan to pick? Because we know you’re going to do well if you follow this course we’d suggest the Professional Selling Plan. It is better value in the long run as it will only take more than 40 sales for the Individual Selling Plan to provide more value. See the video below to learn which account is right for you:

Let's Create Your Seller Central Account!

Have you decided which Selling Plan you are most interested in? Great! Now you are ready to create your Seller Central account.