Module 9 - Set The Price For Your Product

9.2 How to Add Your Price to Your Product Listing

With these basic pricing strategies, you can now set your price. But how do you add your price to your product listing in your Seller Central backend?

To edit the price in your Amazon Seller Central Backend follow these instructions:

  • Go the Inventory tab.
To add a price to your product listing, start by going to the Inventory tab. - From Zero To Liftoff Amazon FBA course
  • Then, on the far right, you will see Edit. Click on the Edit button to open the seller backend Edit Product Info screen.
In the 'Manage Inventory' tab, click on 'Edit' to add your price. - From Zero To Liftoff Amazon FBA course
  • You’ll automatically arrive on the Offer tab. If not, click to go to the Offer tab now.
Go to the 'Offer' tab. - From Zero To Liftoff Amazon FBA course
  • In the Offer tab, you’ll see the fields Your Price and Sales Price. Add both a regular price and a sale price.We do this because on your listing it will show that the item is on sale and buyers love a deal. It’s all about psychology. Your regular price should be higher. The sale price is what you are actually going to be selling at.
Fill in the prices in the 'Your Price' and 'Sale Price' fields. - From Zero To Liftoff Amazon FBA course
  • Below that you will see two fields where you can fill in the start and end date of the sale price: Sale Start Date and Sale End Date.In the Sale Start Date field, fill in today’s date. In the Sale End Date, fill in a date 6 months time from now. Don’t worry you can update the prices and dates at any time.
For the 'Sale Price', Fill in the 'Sale Start Date' and 'Sale End Date'. - From Zero To Liftoff Amazon FBA course

Time to Take Action!

This module contained a lot of information on how to set the ideal price for the product you’re going to sell. It’s time now to use that knowledge and take action! Next up are the action steps you should take to set the price for your product.