Module 9 - Set The Price For Your Product

9.3 Action Steps

Great job! Before we move on to the next Module, let’s review the Action Steps you should be taking to appropriately price your product:

  1. Review the 5 guidelines for setting your product price set out in this Module
  2. Set a base price to prepare for your launch
  3. Add the price to your product listing in your Seller Central Backend

This is it, the final piece needed in order to make the listing live.

Congratulations! You have now:

  • Optimized your product listing, both the front end and back end
  • Set your price

Before you launch your product, double check that your inventory is actually stocked and available for sale in Amazon’s FBA fulfillment centers. Amazon will email you along the way letting you know as the shipment is ‘Checked-In’, then in ’Receiving’, and then again when it’s ‘Received In-Full’.

Also, double check that your listing is indeed active:

  • Go the Inventory tab.
  • Then, on the far right, you will see Edit. Click on the drop-down arrow to display the additional options.
  • Now that the listing is active, click on the link to your product under the Product Name column.
  • Check over your listing.
    • How does it look?
    • Does your product title look ok?
    • Are your images ok and is the zoom function working?
    • Are you bullets making the sale?
    • Does your description display correctly?

When everything is set, the magic moment has arrived: the launch of your product!

In the next Module, you will learn what the best way is to launch your product, and how you can use AMZ Tracker to enter the Amazon market with a bang!

Now Let’s Learn How to Kickstart Your Product Launch With AMZ Tracker!

Great job finishing up this ninth Module. Next up, we’ll show you everything you need to know in order to kickstart your product launch with AMZ Tracker.