Awesome, you did it!

If you have followed everything we recommended in Part A – Choose Your Product you have now:

  • Learned the Amazon Business Basics
  • Found a product to sell
  • Found a supplier
  • Created your brand
  • Designed your product  labeling and packaging
  • Placed your first order
  • Set up your Seller Central account, and
  • Shipped your first order to an Amazon fulfillment center

Now it’s time to take things to the next level in Part B – Sell Your Product of this course.

What are we going to discuss in Part B - Sell Your Product?

  • Module 8: Create Your Optimized Product Listing
  • Module 9: Set The Price For Your Product
  • Module 10: Kickstart Your Product Launch With AMZ Tracker
  • Module 11: Drive Paid Traffic With Amazon Sponsored Products
  • Module 12: Build Your Brand
  • Module 13: Grow Your FBA Business With AMZ Tracker

Now Let’s Learn How to Create Your Optimized Product Listing!

When optimizing your product listing you need to think about both the customer, as well as the Amazon algorithm. Do this well, and your product will rank higher, resulting in higher sales. Next up, we’ll show you how to create an optimized product listing!