AMZ Tracker is a software tool that will help skyrocket your Amazon sales and crush your competition. Originally created in 2014 as a tool for the FBA business of our founder, it was soon after launched as a tool for all FBA sellers. Fast forward to 2016, and after recruiting a team we now offer one of the best FBA tools on the market. You might be thinking: “Ok, this sounds really cool, but…who are you?” We are AMZ Tracker.

Since its inception, we’ve worked with thousands upon thousands of Amazon sellers in our business.  And we are sellers ourselves. Some of the businesses have even grown to be worth over a million dollars in a few short years. The best part? Many of us only spend a few hours a week on our Amazon private label brand.

How did we succeed so fast on Amazon? How do we sell so much product in so little time? How do we consistently beat out our competitors?

Well, we are a team of experts across many fields, but most importantly a strong background on SEO. Partner this with an amazing tech team and you get software that’s primed for results. We’ve learned that the best way to succeed online is to figure out exactly how the algorithm works, and then use that to your advantage to shortcut success by giving the search engine exactly what they want to see. Switching up our Amazon strategy to focus on this was crucial to success and we couldn’t believe the results. The business scaled faster than anyone ever thought possible.

We can save you hundreds of hours in trial and error and get you on the right path! We’ve made the mistakes, we’ve had the success and we know what it takes to ultimately automate most of your processes, grow your business and beat your competition. We’ve built tools to replicate our own processes, so you have the full benefit of our intel without having to do all the grunt work.

The Amazon seller tools that we offer are as follows:

This is the inside scoop, brought to you by the team at AMZ Tracker. If you’re ready to take this journey with us, we’re ready to show you exactly what type of mindset you need, how we’ve found success and helped thousands of others do the same.